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AI Risk and Governance, AIRS


An independent Working Group to advance AI governance helping industry implement AI in safe and sound manner

AIRS Mission

Promote, educate, and advance AI/ML governance for the financial industry including risk identification, categorization, and mitigation.

A Community of Practice

AIRS is an informal group of practitioners and academics from varied backgrounds, including technology risk, information security, legal, privacy, architects, model risk management, and others working for financial, technology organizations, and academic institutions


AIRS Publications

As financial services firms evaluate the potential applications of artificial intelligence (AI), AIRS is committed to furthering this dialogue and has drafted a white paper discussing AI implementation and the corresponding potential risks firms may wish to consider in formulating their AI strategy. 


The journey for AIRS (AI Risk & Security) began in early 2019. As AIRS founder started talking to subject matter experts in the space, a common theme emerged - there needs to more focused discussion and awareness on potential risks with AI and associated mitigation. 

AIRS started as an informal meeting in 2019, but as professionals and academics became aware of AIRS mission, the group became bigger, and stronger; bringing comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary for AIRS mission. 

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